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About Written House

Welcome to Written House. We’re a copywriting and brand strategy hub based in Rochester, Michigan. We help small-to-medium sized wellness and wilderness businesses figure out who they are and what to say to their customers. 

Our client roster includes international companies and nonprofits, like Jackson Dawson and the Experimental Aviation Association, as well as Fortune 500s such as Ford. But our favorite clients to work with are the green ones. We’ve worked with Yoke Farms, Skidmore Studio and Ren Sunn just to name a few. 

Written House was founded in 2015 by Sarah Spencer. She owns and operates the house, using her expertise in copywriting and branding to give people something to believe in.

On this site, you’ll find info on our services, our creative approach and why we’d make a magical team. 


This is Sarah


She's the writer and strategist behind Written House. With a degree in Professional Writing from Michigan State University, Sarah's written for creative agencies, B2B and B2Cs, local startups, Fortune 500s and international nonprofits and PR firms.

After honing her writing chomps, Sarah moved into content strategy and then brand strategy, developing long-term maps for companies that guide them in connecting with their customers.

Today she specializes in helping photographers, spas, skincare lines, plant nurseries and organic farms find the right words and take the right actions that will reveal their magic to the world. 

When not at her desk, you can find Sarah adventuring with her fiancé, Matt, jogging along the Paint Creek River or reading a book from her library. She's straight in love with Rilke, Annie Dillard and Denis Johnson. 

Currently, you won't find her on social media (with the exception of LinkedIn). There's a love-hate relationship there that she's working through. 

You'll make an ideal team if you work in the following:
+ photography
+ organic farming
+ landscaping & garden design
+ plant nursery
+ floral shop
+ spa
+ skincare

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